| About Pascal
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Born into a family that has owned a number of the world’s most significant diamonds, Pascal was immersed in the world of fine jewelry from a young age. Raised in Geneva, Switzerland, Pascal followed his graduation from high school with a move to Los Angeles to further his education.

The U.S., and specifically Hollywood, remained at the heart of Pascal’s vision for his role in the family-owned Mouawad company. Inspired by his father, who earned prestige as a choice jeweler for royalty across the world, Pascal brought an innovative twist to this family tradition by courting the glamorous “royalty” of the modern day—iconic celebrities—with Mouawad’s renowned European traditions and craftsmanship. His creative vision came to fruition in 2000, when he partnered with Victoria’s Secret to design and build the most luxurious and expensive lingerie ever made, the multi-million-dollar Fantasy Bra collection, covering some of the world’s sexiest supermodels in Mouawad diamonds for a record-setting six straight years.

The year 2006 saw the move of the company’s U.S. office from New York to Los Angeles. The relocation helped nurture Mouawad’s burgeoning relationship with Hollywood’s A-list. Under Pascal’s guidance, Mouawad USA’s division emerged as a creative haven for artists and celebrities looking to design jewelry backed by the tradition, quality and heritage of the Mouawad brand. Supermodel Heidi Klum was the first celebrity to put her individual stamp on the Mouawad name. The collection was met with incredible success, leading Heidi to be named “Fashion Influencer of the Year” by The Accessories Council for her contributions as a designer.

A new era for the Mouawad Group dawned on January 1st, 2010. This symbolic date was chosen for the handing over of the company reins from third-generation leader Robert to his fourth-generation sons: Pascal, Fred, and Alain. Each brother assumed a role as co-guardian, with Pascal naturally leveraging his vast experience as co-guardian of the retail division. Since then, Pascal has joined his brothers in continuing to raise the bar in creating ultra-exceptional and rare jewels, as well as outstanding timepiece collections, garnering several Guinness World Records along the way. All this has taken place while vigorously pursuing the vision of their father Robert by achieving a complete vertical integration as a diamond manufacturer through the DTC Sightholder designation and the establishment of the Mouawad Diamond Factory.


In 2006, Pascal relocated to Los Angeles. His new home base helped nurture Mouawad’s growing relations with Hollywood’s A-list.


In 2010, Pascal and his brothers inherited the company reins from their father. Leading the retail division of the family business, Pascal focused on expanding the company’s reach, and completing, along with his brothers, the vertical integration of Mouawad into a diamond manufacturer.


Pascal is an active member of YPO (Young President’s Organization). He travels regularly between his residences in Los Angeles and Dubai building connections with clients and leading Mouawad to international acclaim.